Postal social services project

The UPU supports the diversification of postal operations as a strategic response to the pace of technological and social change (Istanbul World Postal Strategy 2017–2020), to generate additional revenue, increase competitiveness and remain relevant. The need for governments to leverage the postal network for socio-economic development is one of the four key areas of action outlined in the Abidjan Postal Strategy 2021–2024 (CA C 3 2019.2-Doc 3).

A project to review, synthesize and promote postal social services was initiated in November 2019 with sponsorship from the Ministry of Internal Communications of Japan. The aims of this project are to raise awareness of the social services that posts already deliver, and to support further innovation and utilization of postal networks for social goals. These will be achieved by gathering international case studies, publishing a guide to implementing social services, and undertaking a pilot project with designated operators to introduce new social services in 2020.

Union member countries are asked to complete the online version of the questionnaire no later than 14th February 2020:

If you are unable to complete the survey online, you will find a Word-format version of the survey below. Word-format versions of the survey should be returned to:

Questionnaire on the provision of socially-oriented services by designated operators

This questionnaire aims to identify the social services that posts already deliver, and their interest in developing new services in the future.