About regional development plans

The regional development plan (RDP) is an effective and homogeneous tool for deploying UPU actions in the field, based on two fundamental principles:

  • The integration of all cooperation activities within the International Bureau. The DCDEV acts as an interface between the various International Bureau programmes and developing countries requiring assistance;
  • Regionalization, in order to meet the specific needs of each region. The UPU creates synergies with regional players, and strengthens and diversifies cooperation mechanisms in the field.

The RDP provides a shared platform for all cooperation players whose objectives and priorities are the same, and who share available resources in the best possible way.

As part of efforts to optimize the UPU regional approach approved by the Istanbul Congress, the RDP implementation process has been transformed to facilitate, among other things, fundraising at the regional and interregional levels.


The methodological approach for the RDP clearly defines the roles of the various players in the process of formulating and implementing the plan and projects in the various regions.

Please note that a new document is being drafted.