Terminal dues and transit charges 2018–2021 cycle

Both the Postal Operations Council (POC) and the Council of Administration (CA) are involved in the development of a single terminal dues system for the 2018-2021 cycle.

The POC Letter Post Remuneration Group manages the operational and financial dimension of the process, studying the cost of handling inbound mail as a percentage of domestic tariffs and the impact of the new terminal dues system on markets and designated operators. 

The CA Governance Issues on Remuneration Group manages the political and regulatory dimensions of the process. This group’s work focuses on ensuring universal service and the postal network’s integrity and how countries will transition to the proposed target system. 

Transit Compendium 2018

Update: June 2018. It contains information provided by Posts on transit charges and groups of countries of destination for items received in transit à découvert.

Statistics and Accounting Guide (2018)

Comprehensive collection of UPU provisions governing the terminal dues and transit charges for 2018-2021. It contains practical details, instructions and examples for their implementation at operational and accounting level.

Instructions to use the impact tool

These instructions have been created to assist countries in understanding the financial effects of the model proposed for the next UPU Congress cycle 2018-2021, based on format-separated terminal dues.

Calculation tool for terminal dues (cycle 2018-2021)

This calculation tool has been developed to assist designated operators to calculate their terminal dues in the current cycle.

Impact tool (V1 of the 2018–2021 cycle)

This impact tool has been developed by POC/C 3/Letter-Post Remuneration Group (LPRG) to assist designated operators in measuring the possible impacts of applying the target system provisions of the UPU Convention and Letter Post Regulations in the current cycle.