About terminal dues and transit charges

Since 1969, the designated operator that sends a letter-post item to another country remunerates the destination Post for processing and delivering that item. This system of remuneration is known as terminal dues.

Important source of revenue

Terminal dues are an important source of revenue for UPU member countries. The system continues to evolve from one Universal Postal Congress to another. At the 2004 Bucharest Congress, member countries adopted a system aimed at covering their actual mail processing costs. Moreover, a link was established between the remuneration received and the quality of service provided.

Target system

Not all countries are at the same stage of development and there are significant variations in their mail volumes, postal tariffs and cost absorption. The aim is thus to progressively incorporate the developing and least developed countries into a target system that already applies to industrialized countries.

Transit charges

Transit services provided to the designated operator of the country of origin have always been paid for. For letter-post items, the remuneration which covers the cost of land or sea conveyance of mails is called "transit charges".