About transport

Transportation and flow of information are key elements in the UPU supply chain. The new Transport Group is aimed at making the transport system as efficient and speedy as possible. The Transport Group examines matters relating to all modes of mail transportation and is responsible for all mail transport matters, including letters, parcels and EMS.

New EDI initiative

The UPU has developed various electronic messages.
The CARDIT message is a consignment-level message, and is the electronic equivalent of the CN 37, CN 38, CN 41 or CN 47 delivery bill. It is sent from a postal operator to a carrier (airline) and contains information about a consignment of mail handed over to a carrier.

The RESDIT message is the response to a CARDIT and is sent from a carrier (airline) to a postal operator; it contains information about a consignment of mail received. Some of the UPU member countries are exchanging CARDIT/RESDIT messages with airlines.

The IATA–UPU Contact Committee is working to develop a new postal air waybill (PAWB) number combined with a specific product code used by airlines for mail (code MAL) that enables the identification of postal consignments and the application of processes. The overall objective is to develop a paperless Post/airline system.

UPU publications

There are 3 UPU publications available: the List of Airmail Distances, the General List of Airmail Services (CN 68) and the Postal Transport Guide.