Transport publications

Postal Transport Guide (2018)

The guide is an information source for postal staff dealing with postal transport and transit. It deals with all elements of international postal transport and transit.

Framework service agreement between an airline and a designated postal operator (2018)

Guidelines for using the framework service agreement between an airline and a designated postal operator (2018)

The guidelines aim to provide supplementary information on the provisions of the framework agreement in order to help designated operators better understand and use the provisions.

Electronic Consignment Security Declaration (eCSD) Guidelines (2018)

These Guidelines are aimed at the designated operators (DOs) that are implementing the electronic consignment security declaration (eCDS) for mail consignments. The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide DOs with a simple description of how to implement the eCSD and where to find further information.

Guidelines for establishing an international postal rail transport service (2018)

For all stakeholders, postal rail provides unique opportunities to improve business processes and to facilitate and promote global trade, thus leveraging vast postal and rail networks and promoting regional integration and economic competitiveness. The objective of the guidelines is to provide an information source for designated operators, customs admin¬istrations and railway companies dealing with the international transportation of postal items by rail.

List of Airmail Distances (2019)

Contains international and domestic airmail distances. Domestic routes assigned for international transit cover the countries that send their data to the International Bureau for the weights and costs for mail forwarded by air within their country.

PREDES and RESDES message exchanges: overview and benefits (2019)

Exchanging electronic messages PREDES and RESDES allows tracking, assisting in handling anomalies; reducing manual data entry, cost savings; monitoring and analysis leading to quality improvements.

Former CN 68 List – General list of airmail services

The CN 68 list contained the airmail information for each country of the UPU or each dependent territory of a member country. The list has been discontinued, and any relevant information has been transferred to the Letter Post Compendium, the Transport section of the UPU website, or the Quality Control System (QCS).

QCS Dispatch - Service and volume report - User Guide

This guide is in three parts:
- Part A is intended to provide information and explanation regarding how the report can be used to analyse and improve postal operational processes.
- Part B is intended to illustrate how to use the features of Excel when using the QCS Dispatch - Service and volume report Excel file.
- Part C is a short supplement to part A, primarily to assist in interpreting the report contents.