About UPU*Clearing

UPU*Clearing is an efficient, low-cost means of settling international postal accounts.

With UPU*Clearing, postal operators introduce a variety of bills instantly on line. Debtors can comment on, change, accept or refuse these electronic bills by means of an acceptance/refusal function, all via a discussion platform.

From the start we all experienced UPU*Clearing as an efficient tool for notifications and control of notifications. The daily routines have become much simpler – accepted invoices can be put in the UPU*Clearing system and your counterpart can see its payables immediately hereafter and react instantly if an error has occurred.

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The UPU*Clearing system consolidates the transactions and calculates settlement. Payments are centralized, with just one monthly payment for each debtor.

UPU*Clearing annually processes more than 10,000 transactions, involving movements of funds exceeding 180 million US dollars.