About postal statistics

The International Bureau of the UPU has published postal statistics regularly since the first edition in 1875. It thus holds the oldest records of international statistics collected by an international organization. These statistics have been amended and improved to meet as closely as possible the postal sector's expectations and need for information.

Analytical working tool

 The aim of these postal statistics, in addition to providing a single source of information on data, is to serve as an analytical working tool at both the international and national level. At the international level, the data make it possible to deduce general trends in postal traffic and the means used to handle this traffic. At the national level, data can be used by posts to effectively manage and plan their services.

Over 100 indicators

The UPU's statistical database provides a dynamic overview of postal development in each country. It contains data from over 200 countries or territories and includes approximately 100 indicators of postal development, grouped in 12 chapters. The data is collected annually from all UPU member countries and published in the Postal Statistics Yearbook.