Addressing knowledge centre

Addressing practices differ essentially from country to country: there are more than 200 address formats in the world, 200 database structures and at least 20 language scripts are officially used to write addresses.

This diversity is very difficult to comply with when dealing with addressing at the international level. Our Addressing Knowledge Centre is designed to answer questions arising as a result of this variety and complexity. It consists of three parts: Universal POST*CODE® DataBase-specific FAQs, General Addressing Issues and Thoroughfare Types and Abbreviations.

Universal POST*CODE® DataBase-specific FAQs

Update August 2019 - Where I can find the list of field lengths/types of the Universal POST*CODE® DataBase data? etc.

Thoroughfare Types and Abbreviations

Update November 2019 - Where can I find lists of different types of thoroughfares, and their abbreviations used in different countries?

General Addressing Issues

Update December 2019 - Which countries in the world have/do not have a postcode system?
Is there a standard that a country should follow when it does not adopt a postcode?