Repository of the papers

An Important Responsibility of the UPU and Governments: Properly Handling the Relationship between Competition and Universal Services

- GU Chunhui, MBA, Senior Policy Advisor, Research and Development Center, State Post Bureau
- HU Kai, PhD., Assistant Director General, Research and Development Center, State Post Bureau

Ecommerce Europe's contribution to the consultation on UPU Remuneration Systems

- Trezek W., Co-chair of the e-Logistics Working Group, Ecommerce Europe

EuroCommerce contribution to UPU Consultation on international remuneration (POC C2 Remuneration Integration Group and CA C2 Expert team on Remuneration)

Submitted by:
- EuroCommerce

Position paper on UPU Remuneration System in view of the upcoming Conference "UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?"

- Henryka Bochniarz, President of the Polish Confederation Lewiatan
- Nagy Sándor, Chairman, Ecommerce Hungary
- Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Board, Chamber of Digital Economy
- Janet Naidenova, Chairperson of the Board, Bulgarian E-commerce Association
- Florinel Chis, Executive Director, The Romanian Association of Online Shops
- Bóna Ákos, Board of Directors, Digital Future Foundation

The Brazilian Market of small packets in a price perspective

- Nailton Alves de Oliveira, Brazilian Post
- Patrícia Maria Duarte Dias Cunha, Brazilian Post

Throwing away the baby with the bathwater? Economic literature on global coordination vs unilateralism: relevance to the UPU remuneration system and the future of the postal industry

- Okholm H., PhD, Copenhagen Economics
- Basalisco B., PhD, Copenhagen Economics
- Cerpickis M., Copenhagen Economics
- Marquardt G. PhD, Copenhagen Economics
- Gårdebrink J., Copenhagen Economics

Towards a new UPU Remuneration System

- Bernhard Bukovc, Chairman Postal Innovation Platform

"UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?" Joint Response to UPU Consultation from Ireland and the National Postal Operator, An Post

Submitted by:
- Ireland's Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment
- An Post