About Consultative Committee

Postal stakeholders that are not public postal operators or regulators can add their voice to the UPU's deliberations through the Consultative Committee (CC). The Committee represents the interests of the wider postal sector and provides a framework for effective dialogue.


The committee plays a key role in developing a more global vision of the issues affecting the sector. This role enhances the UPU's value to the industry and its effectiveness.


The committee consists of non-governmental organizations representing customers, delivery-service providers, workers unions, suppliers of goods and services to the postal sector and individual and company organizations that have an interest in supporting the UPU's mission and objectives.

Organizations must be registered in a member country. Individual companies may not currently join the committee. In addition, eight member countries are represented on the committee. They are named by the Council of Administration (CA) and the Postal Operations Council (POC).


The committee meets twice annually, usually at the UPU headquarters in Berne, at the same time as the CA and the POC meet. Between meetings, the body's own management committee assumes responsibility for work progress.