About Council of Administration

The next CA session will take place from 8 to 12 April 2019.

The Council of Administration (CA) consists of 41 member countries and meets annually at UPU headquarters in Berne. The Council ensures the continuity of the UPU's work between Congresses, supervises its activities and studies regulatory, administrative, legislative and legal issues.

Power to approve

To ensure that the UPU is able to react quickly to changes in the postal environment, the CA has the power to approve proposals by the Postal Operations Council for the adoption of regulations or new procedures until the next Congress. The Universal Postal Congress convenes every four years.

Promotion and coordination

The CA can also take measures it considers necessary to resolve urgent issues. It approves the UPU's biennial budget and accounts, as well as yearly updates on the UPU's strategy and budget. The Council is also responsible for promoting and coordinating all aspects of technical assistance among member countries.