Direct Marketing Advisory Board conferences

The DMAB conferences are designed to educate, inform, and provide benchmarking and networking opportunities for participants. One main theme, with an educational content, is chosen for each conference.

Members present different aspects of their direct marketing programmes, and related UPU groups are invited to make presentations. Stakeholders in the direct marketing industry share their expertise and confer on pertinent issues that impact the industry.

Discussions are programmed into each conference, providing DMAB members with an invaluable opportunity to discuss subjects of interest in an interactive environment.

Since 1995, the DMAB has held its conferences biannually at UPU headquarters in Berne.

2018 Conferences

The last DMAB conference was held on 17 October 2018 in Berne.

The Future of Direct Mail: Its Evolving Role in a Data-Driven World

Presentation by Jonathan MARGULIES, Managing Director, 17 October 2018, Universal Postal Union, Direct Marketing Advisory Board Assembly.