About the EMS Cooperative

The EMS Cooperative was created by the POC to develop EMS services. The EMS Cooperative promotes cooperation between postal organizations to allow them to provide customers with a high quality EMS service on a global basis.

Membership in the EMS Cooperative is voluntary. Nonetheless, more than 170 designated operators are now members.

EMS Cooperative Projects and Activities

Since its creation, the EMS Cooperative has strengthened the EMS product and developed a number of initiatives to assist members to improve their EMS service, including:

  • EMS Operational Guide and online database
  • Audit and Measurement Programme
  • EMS Standard Agreement and Procedures
  • EMS Standards for performance
  • EMS Training
  • Rugby System for international EMS inquiries

The EMS Cooperative is structured in 3 groups:

  • the General Assembly, made up of all members of the EMS Cooperative
  • the EMS Cooperative Board, composed of seven elected ad personam members, and
  • the EMS Unit, the secretariat of the Cooperative, located at the International Bureau of the UPU in Berne, Switzerland.

Force Majeure

When a designated operator has experienced an event or occurrence that is considered Force majeure, it must inform the International Bureau according to a specific process whose details are provided in the heading “Force Majeure” opposite.