About International Bureau

The International Bureau - the UPU's headquarters - is located in Berne (Switzerland). It has a staff of about 250 employees drawn from about 50 different countries.

Fulfilling a secretariat function, the International Bureau provides logistical and technical support to the UPU's bodies. It serves as an office of liaison, information and consultation, and promotes technical cooperation among Union members. In recent years, the International Bureau has taken on a stronger leadership role in certain activities. These include the application of postal technology through its Postal Technology Centre, the development of postal markets through potential growth areas such as direct mail and EMS, and the monitoring of quality of service on a global scale

Regional coordinators in the field strengthens the International Bureau's ability to assist Posts of developing countries in the most effective manner. They oversee the planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up of postal development projects in their regions

Through its Postal Technology Centre, the UPU has established a number of regional support centres in different parts of the world to support its information technology activities. These centres manage the deployment and support of UPU technology applications, products and services within their respective regions.