2017 International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

The theme selected for the 2017 competition was: "Imagine you are an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General which world issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it?"

This year’s winner is Eva Palacios from Togo, whose letter moved the international jury into awarding her the gold medal. The silver medal was awarded to Indonesia’s Shaquilla Rahmadina and the bronze to Peru’s Sabrina Brito Lira. Special mentions were awarded to children from Montenegro, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Madagascar and Viet Nam respectively.

Complete list of winners

1st prize - Gold medal (2017)

Eva Giordano Palacios, 14, Togo.

2nd prize - Silver medal (2017)

Shaquilla Rahmadina, 13, Indonesia.

3rd prize - Bronze medal (2017)

Ammel Catacora Zeballos, 15, Peru.

Special mentions

  • Sabrina Brito Lira, 15 years old (Brazil)
  • Nikolina Milić, 13 years old (Montenegro)
  • Elif Oñet, 13 years old (Turkey)
  • Bruno Adonai Silva Grilo, 15 years old (Portugal)
  • Nguyen Do Huyen Vi, 13 years old (Viet Nam)
  • Andrianantenaina Toavina N’Zo Rasamoelina, 12 years-old pupil (Madagascar)