Cross border e-commerce

At the UPU World Postal Forum, industry leaders exchange views on the opportunities offered by e-commerce

E-retailers, technology suppliers and delivery providers raised the make-or-break issues facing players in e-commerce today.

More flexibility, visibility, return facilities, timeliness and reliability are the key demands from customers in the e-commerce context. Given their global infrastructure, Posts have a unique role to play in delivering the promises of cross border e-commerce.

A globalized delivery network is key to e-commerce


According to Pascal Clivaz, the Universal Postal Union's Deputy Director General, the UPU's end-to-end response is the only global approach that can successfully meet the needs of all stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem. The UPU is building a comprehensive framework for e-commerce which enables everyone to share in the opportunities that are opening up.

"A globalized delivery network is key to e-commerce", said Craig Wheeler of, who pointed out that customers sometimes find it hard to understand who delivers what.

Tommy Kelly of eShopWorld spoke of the need to be mindful of the need for "glocalization" – conducting business according to both local and global considerations – and its importance in the e-commerce market.

Pascal Clivaz concluded by saying that a massive confidence boost is something that all players in the e-commerce marketplace need, and the international postal sector is well placed to provide it.