About Postal Operations Council

The Postal Operations Council (POC) is the technical and operational mind of the UPU and consists of 40 member countries, elected during Congress. The body elects its own chair and meets annually at the UPU’s headquarters in Berne.

The POC’s work programme is geared towards helping Posts modernize and upgrade their postal products and services. It deals with the operational, economic and commercial aspects of the postal business. The body also makes recommendations to member countries on standards for technological, operational or other processes within its competence where uniform practices are necessary.

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  • Postal Operations Council (POC)
    • Management Committee
      Chair: Japan
      Vice-chair: Brazil
    • POC plenary
      Chair: Japan
      Vice-chair: Brazil

      • Committee 1
        (Supply chain integration)
        Chair: France
        Vice-chair: United States of America

        • Standards
          Chair: South Africa
        • Operations and accounting review
          Chair: Greece
        • Transport
          Chair: Japan
          • UPU–IATA
            contact committee
        • Postal security
          Chair: United States of America
          • UPU–ICAO
            contact committee
        • Customs
          Chair: Canada
          • UPU–WCO
            contact committee
        • Addressing
          Chair: Saudi Arabia
      • Committee 2
        (Markets development)
        Chair: Australia
        Vice-chair: Great Britain

        • MSME Business Development Group
          Chair: Brazil
        • Market research
          Chair: Benin
        • Direct Marketing Advisory Board
          Chair: Saudi Arabia
        • World Association for the Development of Philately
          Chair: Russian Federation
        • Applied postal economics and statistics
          Chair: Switzerland
      • Committee 3
        (Physical services)
        Chair: Belgium and Canada
        Vice-chair: Malaysia and South Africa

        • Products strategy and integration
          Chair: Great Britain
        • Remuneration
          (Letter post)
          Chair: Spain
        • Remuneration
          (Parcel post)
          Chair: Malaysia
        • Quality measurement and improvement
          (Letter post)
          Chair: Australia
        • Quality of service link user group
          Chair: Denmark
        • Quality measurement and improvement
          (Parcel post)
          Chair: Norway
      • Committee 4
        Chair: China (People's Rep.) and Italy
        Vice-chair: Kuwait

        • Products and services development
          Chair: Netherlands
        • Interconnectivity
          Chair: Indonesia
        • Knowledge development and training
          Chair: India
        • Partnership and capacity building
          Chair: Algeria
        • E-Commerce
          Chair: Brazil
      • Committee 5
        (Postal Financial Services)
        Chair: India and Russian Federation
        Vice-chair: Italy and Kenya

        • Regulations and standards
          Chair: Ukraine
        • Products and services development
          Chair: Tunisia
        • Partnership development
          Chair: Italy
        • Postal financial services
          Interim group chair: India
      • Direct reporting bodies
        • EMS cooperative
          Chair: Israel
        • Quality of service fund
          Chair: Nigeria
        • UPU*Clearing
          Chair: Denmark
        • Telematics cooperative
          Chair: Italy
        • .post
          Chair: Italy
    • Consultative committee (CC)
      Representatives of the POC: Benin, Greece, Italy and Spain