About Postal Technology Centre

The Postal Technology Centre is the operational arm of the Telematics Cooperative. It develops the a range of technological applications and software solutions for UPU member countries.

The PTC applies advanced technology to postal structures and equipment, thus ensuring their efficiency in an increasingly competitive market.

The PTC manages 3 main activities:


The worldwide electronic postal communication network enables postal operators worldwide to exchange standard EDI messages. The POST*Net network, which provides monitoring services and an integrated warning system to signal problems, a track-and-trace system, and postal remuneration and billing, offers cost-based pricing that is in line with the country's level of development.

IPS, International Postal System

IPS is an integrated international mail management system. It provides end-to-end tracking of items, receptacles and dispatches as well as automated processing of dispatches, track and trace, EDI messaging.

IFS, International Financial System

IFS is a software application for international money order services. International money order processing via EDI is covered at every stage, from international standard billing to monitoring and quality-control measurement using an advanced data encryption technique supported by its own public key infrastructure (PKI).