About strategy

The changing postal environment and the emergence of new commercial challenges call for a sound worldwide strategy, with specific objectives and solutions tailored to the problems facing postal operators. Strategic planning helps UPU member Posts to meet these new challenges and to bring their operating methods into line with changes in the sector.

Istanbul World Postal Strategy (IWPS)

In October 2016, the 26th UPU Congress approved the Istanbul World Postal Strategy (IWPS), the UPU's strategic plan for the period 2017–2020. The UPU developed a clear strategic road map, not only to guide its future actions but also to make sure that it continues to provide added value for its members.

Annual Strategic Review

The purpose of this report is to describe how the UPU steered its way through 2017, the first year of the Istanbul cycle (2017–2020), always conscious of the financial challenges faced by the organization and the interest of serving member countries, the postal sector and the wider world economy.