Questionnaire on UPU data governance policy

Questionnaire on UPU data governance policy

Description: We believe that the combined value of UPU postal big data and statistics (both current and potential) is substantial: these two sources represent the prime channel for postal data insights, which can lead to gains in operational efficiency and innovation, as well as better policymaking. However, if we are to consolidate the benefits and overcome various challenges, a data governance framework needs to be put in place.

Postal sector stakeholders (governments, regulators and designated operators in particular) are therefore invited to provide feedback via the Questionnaire on UPU data governance policy. Please return the completed questionnaire to strategy(at) by 15 August 2017 at the latest.

Governmental authorities

Questionnaire for Governmental authorities - Data Definitions

Questionnaire for Governmental authorities

Circular Letter 6850(DIRCAB.STRAT)1095 sent to Governmental authorities

Designated Operators

Questionnaire for Designated Operators - Data Definitions

Questionnaire for Designated Operators

Circular Letter 6850(DIRCAB.STRAT)1093 sent to Designated Operators

Postal regulators

Questionnaire for Regulators - Data Definitions

Questionnaire for Regulators

Circular Letter 6850(DIRCAB.STRAT)1094 sent to Regulators