Documents clés sur le système de contrôle mondial

UPU GMS Technical Design

The design improvements that are elaborated in this 2nd edition include the possibility to use validated real international mail volumes for city selection, adjustment provision to the valid mail allocation, etc.

UPU Global Monitoring System (GMS) report to the 24th Congress

Rapport au 24è Congrès sur le Système de contrôle mondial (SCM) de l'UPU. –en anglais–

Global Monitoring System – Proposal of a general nature

Proposal to develop and pursue a GMS pilot programme in order to test the technical specifications and make appropriate revisions, in accordance with the findings and the input of the member countries. –en anglais–

Draft Programme and Budget impact (PBI) statement (2009–2012)

Draft Programme and Budget impact (PBI) statement (2009–2012). –en anglais–