UPU head meets with US President following Geneva agreement on remuneration rates

President Donald J. Trump participated in a drop-by with the Director General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar Abdirahman Hussein and officials on Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

The White House invited the UPU Director General to Washington to receive the country’s formal notice that it would remain part of the organization following the positive results of the UPU’s third Extraordinary Congress in Geneva this past September. Speaking on the White House visit, the Mr Hussein said, “I am convinced that the maintenance of the worldwide postal system is a victory for everyone on this planet.” “The United States of America is not simply a founding member of the UPU, but also a modern day leader in the fields of security, and many other areas of postal operations,” he added, also thanking the President for his warm welcome at the White House. On October 17, 2018, the Director General received a letter from the United States Government notifying the organization of the county’s intent to leave the Union effective one year from that date. The country cited the system used to remunerate the exchange of international letters and small packets – known as the terminal dues system – as the main concern driving its intent to withdraw. Member countries later decided to hold a third Extraordinary Congress in 2019 in an attempt to fast-track a decision on potential changes to the system. Member countries adopted a proposal, known as “Option V”, by acclamation during the Congress’ plenary session on 25 September. The decision will introduce self-declared remuneration rate for the delivery of inbound international letters and small packets beginning as early as July 2020. The Director of the UPU's Executive Office, Mutua Muthusi, and UPU Director for Policy, Regulation and Markets, Siva Somasundram, also attended the meeting.