Postal Payment Services User Group

The Postal Payment Services User  Group (PPSUG) was established with an aim to ensure, within the worldwide electronic postal payment network, the continuing focus and degree of responsiveness required for the development of quality products and services in a highly competitive and dynamic payment services market environment.
The PPSUG acts within the Committee 4 of the Postal Operations Council.

Through the PPSUG, its members are able to enhance their electronic postal payment services, benefiting from:

  • The PosTransfer trademark
  • Adoption of the PPS Multilateral agreement
  • Projects on quality of service implementation based on the Quality of Service standards
  • An automated Clearing & Settlement, the PPS*Clearing
  • The development of new technologies

The PPSUG contributed to the finalization of the PPS Operational Guide, PPS Multilateral Agreement, PosTransfer deployment and PPS Quality of Service standards, as well as the implementation of the PPS e-Compendium, the system for electronic inquiries related to postal payments (FEIS) and of the UPU collective trademark "PosTransfer".

The suite of software tools in use allows postal operators to offer electronic postal payment services, providing state-of-the-art guarantees to secure payments between operators and protecting the interests of consumers, senders and beneficiaries alike.
These are complemented with the UPU trademark “PosTransfer”, and a set of additional tools for business and quality support. 

PPS key documents

Multilateral Agreement
Quality of Service Standards
Operational Guide
PPSUG Rules of Procedure

Products and services

PPS*Clearing - automated settlement solution
PPS eCompendium - countries' PPS-related data
FEIS - electronic system for inquiries and claims

Designated operators members of the PPSUG


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