Postal Payment Services (PPS)

The postal network, through its worldwide coverage and the combination of electronic, financial and physical dimensions, ensures that all citizens of the world have access to efficient, reliable, secure and affordable electronic payment services. 

The postal network comprises more than 663,000 physical contact points offering remittances, the postal payments services (PPS) a traditionally more affordable formal financial services channel compared to banks, money transfer operators and others.

It does this in the form of an international treaty, known as the Postal Payment Services Agreement (PPSA) and its Regulations. The PPSA and its Regulations define the following products:

− Cash to Cash (including urgent)
− Account to Cash
− Cash to Account
− Account to Account
− Cash on Delivery.



Promotional Explainer videos

PosTransfer explanatory video for designated operators / institutions –
"What is PosTransfer all about"

PosTransfer promotional video for customers / clients –
"Send money home"

This revitalized postal service is now registered worldwide, and is based on real-time technology and high-quality standards, thanks an interconnection platform linking operators to UPU's International Financial System - a software application designed for the real-time exchange of international electronic postal money orders.

Once deployed by the operator, the technology behind the PosTransfer brand enables a highly innovative money transfer service to all its customers, as well as a favourable pricing mechanism. Furthermore, its adoption includes the creation of multilateral agreements with other operators using the trademark, which speeds up the process of increasing the brand's geographical coverage.

Adopting the PosTransfer trademark also means the Posts will have to comply with agreed quality of service standards, requiring them to deliver money orders within a guaranteed period of time – an important factor from the clients' perspective.

The PosTransfer implementation process envisages advertising campaigns linked to the brand that offer compelling information to customers about functional aspects of the service, such as prices and delivery times. Recently the Postransfer Group has finalized the work on elaboration of the set of PosTransfer promotional tools, i.e.: slogans, flyers, posters, roll-up displays, merchandising materials, PosTransfer animated logo and other online ads.

Currently a significant group of countries is in the final stage of adopting the PosTransfer trademark in practice, based on a regional approach. The pioneers are countries from Eastern Europe, Africa as well as the Middle East, and - soon to follow - francophone countries.

The deployment of the PosTransfer trademark is meant to increase the profile of designated operators in the competitive market of electronic money transfers, associating electronic postal payment services with a trustworthy, cost-effective and efficient service.