Feasibility study and report on target setting for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by designated operators of UPU member countries


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This call for tenders concerns the provision of consultancy services to the UPU for the conduct of a feasibility study and report tentatively entitled “Target setting for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by desig-nated operators of UPU member countries”.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 16 September 2022 at 16.00 CEST.


Questions et réponses

Questions and responses related to RFP-2022-011:

Question: 11.8.22

In the document Section 4.2 on page 12 it lists – All scripts and input data for any statistical models, along with documentation covering model-selection processes, outputs/results and validation – does this mean you are expecting the Methodology to be software based? In other words, is UPU looking for a website, with computer coding to be one of the outputs from this work?


No, the UPU is not expecting the vendor to generate a website/webpage or any other software product. The reference to scripts relates to statistical modelling. If the vendor decides to use statistical analysis as part of their proposed methodology (Phase 1), it is vital that the UPU is provided with sufficient details to allow the replication and verification of this analysis. For example, the vendor should provide the name of the statistical software, the exact statistical test or model that was used, and the full results.


Question: 15.8.22

Would it be possible to amend or adapt the OSCAR software to support this feasibility study please? It appears to me that OSCAR is a software as a service and could be amended to have additional questions for the DO’s. 

If the vendor is NOT allowed to adapt or amend the OSCAR software is the UPU open to using other software as a service tools?


The vendor has two primary areas of work – Methodology development (Phase 1) and Data analysis (Phase 3). Data collection (Phase 2) is the responsibility of the UPU International Bureau, not the vendor. In principle the OSCAR software could be adapted to support data collection, but this would ultimately be a decision for the International Bureau. The vendor is free to propose the use of any software it considers appropriate.


Question 24.8.22

Project management meetings:

i) Is there an expectation for any face-to-face meetings, or can we propose from the beginning that all sessions are virtual? 


Description of services (section 4.1) states that “project management meetings shall be held virtually using appropriate telecommunication tools. In-person meetings, as and when deemed necessary by the UPU, shall be held at the UPU’s headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.”  The majority of meetings will therefore be held virtually. If any physical meetings are requested, the decision will be negotiable based upon the geographic location of the consultants.


Question 24.8.22

Data collection:

ii) Any additional specifications on the variables and format in which the information from the Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting (OSCAR) will be supplied to the vendor?


It is the responsibility of the vendor during Phase 1 (Methodology) to specify what data will be required to complete this analysis. The UPU holds relevant data in multiple formats from multiple sources. These include the results generated by OSCAR, the annual postal statistics questionnaire, and subject-specific surveys.  For OSCAR, relevant outputs include total Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Data uploaded to OSCAR includes: electricity consumption in buildings, electricity mix (source generation), energy/fuel consumption in buildings (other than electricity), refrigerant gases and air conditioning, and fuel consumed or distance travelled for different vehicle categories.

Typically, data will be provided by the UPU in excel format, with supporting background documentation.


Question 24.8.22

Data collection:

iii) The contact with member countries and their DOs will be a process led directly by UPU, or do you expect the vendor to establish a direct connection with them?


The UPU will have direct contact with DOs and has sole responsibility for data collection. If the vendor wishes to have direct contact with specific DOs, the UPU will be happy to facilitate this.