For the planet and the economy: Electric postal fleets in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatian Post Mostar's postal vehicle fleet has been expanded with ten new electric mopeds helping postal workers to deliver mail in seven cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The electric mopeds, which have an embedded lithium-ion battery of 35 Ah, are part of the green fleet that Croatian Post Mostar is currently building. In the future, this fleet will be enhanced with new electric vehicles.
Croatian Post Mostar’s decision to acquire electric vehicles followed an in-depth analysis and repeated testing. We had the goal of optimizing the workflow, as well as leveraging technological development and complying with the latest ecological standards.
The positive ecological impact of using electric vehicles, besides the financial one, is significant. For a long time, we have been working on the modernization of our vehicle fleet, driven by our realistic needs and technological capacities, and with careful attention paid to the leading industry eco-standards. We are particularly pleased that, having made the purchase decision, we were offered locally produced electric mopeds. 
For us, the fact that the mopeds are produced locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina is important because it not only meets our current needs, but also demonstrates a significant potential for the future growth of our electric fleet. We also hope that, in later acquisitions, local e-moped producers will provide more advanced e-moped models. 
I believe that switching to electric mopeds will prove to be an excellent solution for us. Our current ambition does not stop here. We intend to continue increasing the number of electric vehicles, and taking advantage of the financial benefits that come with it. Our strategy also contributes to the creation of green zones in the cities and areas, where our postal workers deliver mail. In the next period, we will work on the infrastructure needed to charge our e-vehicles, and I believe that we will soon be able to offer this kind of service to the communities we work.
By using electric mopeds, we are decreasing harmful emissions and contributing to preserving our planet. We hope that the number of electric vehicles in the Croatian Post Mostar’s fleet will increase, and that other postal operators across the world will soon follow our example.
Ljubo Vujica, Board Member and Executive Director for Postal Technology, Croatian Post Mostar