Quality of Service Fund

The UPU’s Quality of Service Fund (QSF) is a funding platform for developing  countries to implement projects that aim at improving quality of service of the global postal network in general and focusing on strengthening the domestic postal network and infrastructure of beneficiary countries.  2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the creation of the QSF. The QSF is UPU’s biggest funding mechanism for projects that have national, regional and global impacts, having funded approximately 902 projects to date. 

A Board of Trustees (QSF Board) elected by the Postal Operations Council (POC) governs the Fund as well as implementation of projects. The QSF Board fulfils its governance obligations in accordance with the QSF Rules and Procedures.


Next QSF Board meeting / Prochaines réunions du Conseil du FAQS:

30 January - 1 February 2024 / 30 janvier - 1 février 2024

Deadline for submission of new project proposals and final reports / Délai pour la soumission de nouvelles propositions de projet et rapports finaux:

15 December 2023 / 15 décembre 2023



QSF Board is the governing body of the QSF. It is composed of eleven elected members representing six contributor countries and five beneficiary countries, who are formally responsible for approval, monitoring and evaluation of QSFprojects and the investment and management of QSF funds. The QSF Board is elected by and reports directly  to the Postal Operations Council (POC).

Member Countries

For the purpose of the QSF, Union member countries and territories are classified into five geographical regions: Western Hemisphere, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North Asia, Southern Asia and Oceania, and Africa. Union member countries are further grouped into Contributing countries (CON) and Beneficiary countries (BEN) their classification for terminal dues purposes.

International Bureau

The International Bureau’s QSF Unit is responsible for the Secretariat of the Fund, serving as an office of liaison, information, and consultation between the member countries’ DOs and the QSF Board. It also provides DOs with support and guidance in preparing and implementing QSF projects, performs project evaluations, and promotes the use of the Fund through workshops, trainings and seminars at regional and national levels.

Procedures and Operations 

Rules and Procedures

The Rules of Procedures (RoP) set out the legal framework of the QSF, stipulating the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

Projects and Finance

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Webpage under construction