Postal Technology Centre

The Postal Technology Centre (PTC) is the operational arm of the Telematics Cooperative and manages and coordinates the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Telematics and Technology activities and projects.

Located at UPU Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, the PTC carries out the projects and activities approved by the General Assembly and the Management Board of the Telematics Cooperative.

Main objectives

The PTC is dedicated to quality through continuous improvement of its four main objectives, namely :

Customer satisfaction
Staff satisfaction
Adherence to the objectives of the UPU and the Telematics Cooperative
Financial durability

The Postal sector has been confronted with far-reaching changes over the past few years.

It has become essential for Posts to apply the latest technology in order to respond effectively to the evolution of its customer needs. In this regard the PTC acts as the link between technology and the needs of the Postal industry by becoming the first choice in providing IT solutions, applications and service that enables the delivery of international and national postal services.

The Postal Technology Centre (PTC) is the operational arm of the Telematics Cooperative and manages and coordinates the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Telematics and Technology activities and projects. 

The mission

The PTC’s mission is to enable Posts and their partners to be linked and to deliver leading market postal services by:    

Global communication networks

Providing secure, trusted, "always available" and accessible global communication networks

Mail and financial services

Providing high value-added solutions for management, quality control and continuous improvement of mail and financial services

Centre of excellence

Operating as a centre of excellence through the provision of information, support, project management and strategic advice for the development of postal services


Facilitating collaboration between Posts and technology partners to deliver significant business benefits

Support and technical services

Providing a full range of support and technical services to Posts and other stakeholders

With its global expertise the PTC assists Posts

in becoming more competitive

by ensuring that customer needs are met 

through the use of new technologies.

The activities

The main activities of the Postal Technology Centre are:    

  • UPU applications: The development, deployment and support of UPU applications, mainly the International Postal System (IPS) and the International Financial System (IFS)

  • UPU's network: The management, deployment and support of the UPU's network, POST*Net, and its associated valued added services. This includes the management and daily operation of the PTC central systems and network

  • Support: The provision of training, support and help desk services to the users of UPU applications, products, and services

  • Regional Support Centres: The management and coordination of the activities carried out by the Regional Support Centres

The activities of the PTC are carried out on two levels:

Central level

The central level activities are carried out by PTC staff located at the UPU Headquarters in Bern where experts are at the disposal of Posts and other stakeholders.

Regional level 

The regional activities are carried out by four Regional Support Centres (RSC’s), which are situated strategically around the world to assist the PTC with the deployment and support activities in their respective regions.

Schedule of charges


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