Canada Post makes work safe

Safety should always take precedence, says Canada Post. The Post’s new safety programme, Make It Safe, Make It Home, or MISMIH, will help the Post shift its culture toward a safety mindset.

“Today, a stronger safety culture flourishes in our facilities across the country,” Canada Post says in its presentation materials on “Make it Safe, Make it Home” or MISMIH. “All safety information is aligned with our top priority and virtually all employees know that safety is everyone’s responsibility.”
Canada Post had previously provided detailed safety information for its employees; however, its policies and procedures were spelled out in arduous documents with no central repository.
MISMIH was developed to be an easy-to-navigate portal containing clear and succinct information that makes safety a personal responsibility for all employees.
The portal was developed in collaboration with more than 50 people from human resources, communications, engineering, operations, and policy owners. The portal’s content was created in consultation with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Local joint committees and team leaders are able to navigate the portal’s three main categories: life safety, basic safety and leadership. Within each category are subgroups which address specific areas of concern, such as conveyor safety, as well as hazards within each safety area.
Safety guidelines are supplemented with photographs and videos, which personalize the realities and responsibilities for maintaining a safety-first culture.
“Real-life images help us overcome a common obstacle to workplace safety: the mindset of ‘It won’t happen to me,’” Canada Post says.
Policies and training materials are also available in each safety area. A feature called Talk Track lists bulleted talking points and brief messages around what team members need to know and do to stay safe. Team leaders are able to print the Talk Track to guide personalized discussions with whole teams or individual members.   
“To make it safe, make it home, you need knowledge you can share, you need fresh ways to win attention to safety, you need to encourage people and to hold them and yourself accountable and to inspire and take inspiration from effective safety leadership across the company,” the Post says. “This new site is meant to help (leaders) do that, and to make it safe, make it home”
Make It Safe, Make It Home emphasizes that safety is the company’s highest priority and everyone’s responsibility.
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