UPU members pass resolution on support for Ukraine

The resolution, submitted by 38 UPU member countries, called for additional support to rebuild postal infrastructure in Ukraine, amid the conflict.

“The Post provides an unparalleled channel to deliver services to everyone, everywhere – making it an essential lifeline during times of crisis, conflict and disaster. The UPU is committed to providing emergency support to postal services of every member country facing such difficulties. Our colleagues at the Ukrainian Post are right now continuing to deliver essential humanitarian, social, financial, trade and communication services to civilians. Today the postal family stood together to show them they are not alone – the UPU is ready to help,” said UPU Director General Masahiko Metoki.

The United Kingdom presented the resolution during the plenary session of the UPU’s supervisory body, the Council of Administration, stating, “As an act of solidarity within our international postal family, we invite you to pledge your support for the Union as it conducts its peaceful role supporting the continuation and reconstruction of postal services in Ukraine.”

Ahead of the vote, the representative of Ukraine called upon the delegates to endorse the resolution to bring a message of hope to those working on the ground. “We are still alive,” he concluded.

While the UPU has already launched a call for donations to assist Ukraine through its Emergency and Solidarity Fund and Quality of Service Fund, the resolution represents an additional show of unity.

Through the resolution, the UPU’s secretariat is instructed to monitor Ukrposhta’s needs, and assess the impact of the war on UPU programmes and activities, as well as any operational, infrastructure, financial or other impacts on postal services across the global network. It will also have the UPU provide technical assistance to the country and its postal operator in order to support the continuation and reconstruction of its postal services. The results of these actions will be reported to the organization’s Extraordinary Congress taking place next year.

The resolution also invites member countries to support this reconstruction effort through the UPU or other means and highlights the obligation of member countries to exempt letters, parcels and postal payment services addressed to prisoners of war or civilian internees from postal charges.

Members also passed a second, broader resolution presented by the Russian Federation that will have the UPU bolster its assistance efforts to member countries in the wake of natural or technological disasters, regional conflicts and other emergencies. A working body will be established to identify countries in need, determine a humanitarian assistance mechanism, and define funding sources for assistance.

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