World Round Table on Remuneration

Welcome address by the UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz, 14 February 2020

Co-Chair of CA Committee 2,

Co-Chair of POC Committee 2,

Co-chairs of the RIG,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It seems a long time ago, but it was only a year and a half ago that the Second Extraordinary Congress was held in Addis Ababa. The Second Extraordinary Congress gave us the IRP that contained a clear roadmap and goals for the integration and modernization of the UPU remuneration systems for which proposals will be presented at the 2020 Congress in Abidjan.

The journey from Addis Ababa to Abidjan has not been an easy one. One month after Second Extraordinary Congress, on October 17 2018, I received a letter from the United States Government notifying us of their intent to leave the Union effective one year from that date.

Member countries later decided to hold a third Extraordinary Congress in 2019 in an attempt to fast-track a decision on potential changes to the system.

As you know, member countries came together in Geneva in September and adopted a proposal, known as “Option V”, by acclamation during the Congress’ plenary session on 25 September.

The Union came together at a crucial moment and was able to achieve great accomplishments and well before the date of 17 October 2019.

Today, we are pleased that the United States remains part of our Union following the positive results of the UPU’s third Extraordinary Congress in Geneva.

The Union has achieved an important milestone and I sincerely believe that the foundation for the successful outcome of the Third Extraordinary Congress was laid by the members and the leaders of CA Committee 2, POC Committee 2, the Remuneration Convergence Discussion Group and, in particular, the Remuneration Integration Group.  

I want to take this opportunity to recognize and commend the many hours, days and months that have been devoted by the members of the RIG, the leaders of its Expert Teams, the Co-Chairs of the RIG and staff members of the International Bureau to getting us where we are today.

The excellent work you have done and your dedication and commitment stand testimony to the value and relevance of our Union and the Single Postal Territory.

While the work on the review of the remuneration for E format items was coming to the finishing line in Geneva, the work on developing proposals for an Integrated Remuneration System (IRS) was gathering pace in tandem. A lot of work was accomplished in the past few months in developing the IRS proposals as per the instructions in the Integrated Remuneration Plan.

The draft proposals for an Integrated Remuneration System were discussed at various regional round tables in the last two months, in order to familiarize member countries in all regions with the work on remuneration carried out during this cycle and to provide them with the opportunity to give input to the proposals that will seek the approval of the Abidjan Congress.

By the end of this Cycle, we will be able to look back and see that remuneration is a particularly important matter for this Union and that it was subject to intense scrutiny and discussions, but, in the end, the UPU faced the challenge and delivered, made difficult, but solid decisions that have brought our members closer together.

We must hold on to this spirit, the spirit of Geneva, as we head for the Abidjan Congress.

Before closing my speech, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Belgium and France for moderating the World Round Table on Remuneration today and for their leadership in the CA C2 and POC C2, respectively.  

I would also like to express my sincere thanks again to Spain and Singapore, the RIG co-chairs, for their efficiency and transparency on conducting the RIG's work and especially, during this extraordinary work cycle.

Last but not least, my sincere thanks also go to the leaders of the various expert teams and the IB experts passing the technical foundations of the proposals before us and without whose expertise and commitment, we would not be here.

I wish the participants of the World Round Table on Remuneration intense, fruitful and conclusive discussions and I assure you of my full support in the progress of your work.

Thank you for your attention.