Digital readiness assessments

Digitalization is changing supply chains and how customers buy online. These innovations are fostering considerable change in Posts’ strategic objectives by requiring them to increase their predictability, transparency, security and efficiency to meet new customer requirements. In this context, the UPU International Bureau has developed capacity-building and technical assistance projects to coordinate and improve the digital capacity and capability of Posts. The integrated approach of these projects aims to help DOs modernize digital strategies, use all available digital tools and implement digital solutions, which meet e-commerce requirements. 

Six categories of activities have been identified as part of the scope of the DRE assessments:

  • Enable the digital transformation of postal services;
  • Assist a Post in offering digital postal services;
  • Encourage digital postal services to accelerate the growth of the national digital economy;
  • Assist a Post in providing digital services in partnership with other institutions;
  • Improve performance of existing digital services
  • Development of digital transformation conceptual frameworks and methodologies as well as knowledge sharing channels.

More details on the UPU Digital Readiness for Ecommerce (DRE) project can be found below

Country Digital Capability Assessments

UPU has completed Digital readiness assessment missions and recommendation reports in the following countries (thanks to funding from France):

  1. Benin
  2. Cameroun
  3. Congo
  4. Egypt
  5. Ghana
  6. Kenya
  7. Madagascar
  8. Mauritania
  9. South Africa
  10. Zimbabwe


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