Study to develop the UPU’s Vision 2030 for Postal Financial Services


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This call for tenders concerns the provision of consultancy services to the UPU for the conduct of a study tentatively entitled “Study to develop the UPU’s Vision 2030 for Postal Financial Services” (the “Study”). The Study shall be aimed at reviewing, reassessing, and redefining the UPU’s role and position in the postal financial services (PFS) sector, as well as its relations with DOs and member country policymakers and regu­lators.

Deadline: 22 October 2021, at 16.00 Central CEST


Questions and answers

Q1: Does the scope of studying the PFS in the member countries limited to the 76 members of WEPPN (with the objective of increasing traction within these 76 members) or includes all 104 members of PPSA (with the objective of including all PPSA members within the WEPPN and then increasing the combined traction in all these members)?

A1: Study is in no case limited to the signatories of PPSA nor to the members of the WEPPN. It is a holistic study looking at the potential for enlarging the scope of postal financial services.  

Q2: In TOR page no 10, (4.1 Description of Services): The Vendor shall conduct a critical appraisal of the market of postal financial services and postal banks throughout the world, with examples from 15–20 countries selected through a robust sampling methodology to cover different categories of UPU member countries. We understand the  members are distributed among 5 geographical groups namely: Americas, Eastern European & Northern Asia, Western Europe, Southern Asia & Oceania, and Africa. We would like to confirm if there are any specific preferences on the regions we can sample from?

A2: No specific preference, however we expect a fare geographical selection of countries.

Q3: We would like to understand the extent that UPU can intervene in the administration of PFS by DOs, apart from policy framework? For example, can UPU offer a unified technology solution for all the DOs to use?

A3: No, according to the PPSA in place, provision of PPS is done in accordance with technical neutrality principle, meaning that DOs are able to use any technical solution they want as long as it complies with the existing UPU regulations. However, the UPU offers today a solution which DOs can use/adopt.

Q4: In continuation to the above mentioned point and page 11 of the TOR, should the recommendations be within the scope of policy and strategy of the PFS treaty framework or extend to tangible assets (such as technology platforms) that the UPU can provide to its DOs for implementing cutting-edge PFS?

A4: As stated in the RFP: “Focusing on policy, treaty and service matters, the Vendor shall prepare a proposed broad framework for the UPU to update its current PFS treaty framework as well as its associated PFS activities (including relevant support services/functions). This should also include consideration of current offerings that should be altered and/or abandoned in the light of the analysis in relation to Goals 1 to 4.” priority is given to the recommendations within the scope of strategy and policy, this does not exclude associated activities depending on the study findings, in this case, the offering / advise on potential tangible assets (such as technology platforms).