Partnerships without borders: Inclusive collaboration in the globalized world

Voice Mail Exchanges – Special PostExpo edition

Globalization, digitalization and booming e-commerce blur national borders, improving delivery speed, tightening networks, increasing supply chain complexity and bringing diverse actors closer together than they have ever been before.


Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 11:00 - 12:00
UPU stand no. 4004 at Parcel+Post Expo, Frankfurt, Germany, & online

Full event recording will be soon accessible on this page.

The global postal network is no exception. Synergies between public and private postal service providers are clear: the universal reach, mandate and the trust enjoyed by national Posts coupled with technological savvy and innovations nurtured by private finance and market competition can ensure a strong and resilient future for the sector.

However, the technical and political practicalities of such cross-sector collaborations often pose a challenge to their creation. Questions related to regulations, policies, standards and interoperability between actors are just some of the hurdles when it comes to leveraging the diversity of postal sector players.
As the foremost forum for postal cooperation, the UPU is best positioned to facilitate and encourage sector-wide partnerships for the benefit of all. It is doing so primarily through its Consultative Committee which represents the interests of private sector partners.
On the sidelines of Parcel+Post Expo, the leading logistics show in Europe and globally, the UPU brought together its old and new partners to continue this important discussion. A special PostExpo edition of the Voice Mail Exchanges webinars, moderated, as always, by Voice Mail podcast host Ian Kerr, built upon the topics and themes discussed at the UPU World Leaders Forum 2022 to fully unpack the transformative and innovative power of postal partnerships.
Questions addressed:
  • Is collaboration between public and private postal service providers an option or is it a necessity for the postal sector of the future? Why?
  • What are the needs on both sides that can be only or better satisfied by synergies?
  • What practical considerations are necessary? What are the commonalities, what are the obstacles? What are the most appropriate formats?
  • What is the UPU’s role?
  • Tony Robinson, CEO, UKI Media & Events – Founder of Parcel+Post Expo 
  • Sol Alavi, CEO and Founder, Geomain – new UPU Consultative Committee member
  • Mario Eichelmann, Managing Director, MailAlliance – new UPU Consultative Committee member
  • Alexander Thern-Svanberg, Programme Manager, Resource Mobilization and Stakeholder Engagement, UPU, Secretary of the UPU Consultative Committee
Moderation: Ian Kerr, UPU Voice Mail podcast host, Postal Hub Podcast host, and co-host of the Last Mile Prophets
The discussion took place in hybrid format: at the UPU stand in Frankfurt and online on SwapCard.