Royal Mail: A postman’s experience

Mark Wilding, a postman for 15 years, from Llandrindod Wells, Wales, was out on his round when he was attacked by a dog in the garden of a customer’s property.

He said, “I was delivering to a property in a cul-de-sac. As I walked up the path, I heard some shouting. I looked up, and saw a dog appear from behind a car and run toward me. I could see it wasn’t a friendly approach. I used my mail pouch to try and fend the dog off while the owner raced to control it. While trying to protect myself, the dog jumped up and bit me on my hand. It then started biting my Hi-Viz jacket and my trousers. Eventually the owner managed to drag the dog off me and get it into his house. My hand wouldn’t stop bleeding, so I had to go to hospital.
“Although the wound wasn’t very deep, it was very frightening at the time, because the dog just kept attacking and wouldn’t stop. I would like to ask all dog-owning customers to be aware of potential situations that might cause your dog to attack. It could easily have been a small child and the outcome could have been so much worse.”