Statement of the Universal Postal Union’s Director General on the launch of the Post4Health Facility

We are in a race to vaccinate the world; one that we cannot afford to lose.

No one deserves to be left behind.
And, no one is safe until everyone is safe. 
Globally, there are more than 3 billion people living in isolated and rural areas.
The delivery of vaccinations to these communities is an immense challenge that demands an international response.
This is why—today—the Universal Postal Union is launching the Post4Health facility to help communities by leveraging one of the world’s largest networks comprised of 192 countries, 650,000 postal facilities and more than 5 million employees.
Our most urgent goal is the last mile delivery of COVID-19 vaccines and related medical equipment and the promotion of powerful advocacy campaigns to spread life-saving information.
Ultimately, Post4Health aims to catalyze the capacity of postal operators to deliver health products, policies and services to people everywhere.
Thanks to initial donor support from Japan and France, the UPU is engaged in building close partnerships with experienced postal operators to assist in the vaccine challenge.
To support the facility, the UPU will obtain the latest scientific advice from health experts, global institutions and national health agencies.
In all these efforts, we will build close cooperation and coordination across the United Nations to ensure that we deliver as one.
Since 1948, the Universal Postal Union has proudly supported the UN’s work in the areas of peace and security, human rights, the rule of law and development.
Post4Health is designed to uphold the very best principles of the UN at the time of our greatest need.
I encourage every postal operator to work with the Universal Postal Union and to consider funding the facility.
By doing so, you will be playing an essential role in overcoming the world’s greatest logistical challenge.   
--Bishar A. Hussein, Director General, Universal Postal Union.