Health comes first at PHLPost

A safe and healthy workforce makes way for a stronger postal operation that is better able to serve its community, which is why PHLPost offers employees several health screenings as well as training in identification, prevention, and investigation of gender-based harassment.

“The Philippine Postal Corporation is a labour-intensive organization mandated to bring efficient services to the public,” said Rosemarie N. Tubal, manager of the Human Resource Management Department. “To deliver its mandated results, there is a need to monitor their health and wellness.”
The more than 8,000 employees have access to myriad health screenings and other medical services provided in cooperation with local government agencies, private companies, pharmacies, and hospitals.
These include breast and cervical screening for the detection of cancer, blood sugar testing for the detection of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes mellitus, bone density tests, health seminars, vaccinations, and distribution of free medicines or vitamins.
While some health activities were suspended during the pandemic, some health monitoring was able to continue through telemedicine.
In addition to health screenings, the post also updated its sexual harassment training to align with a new law, the Safe Spaces Act, which covers gender-based sexual harassment in public spaces, online, and in the workplace.
“The corporation must not only protect and uphold the dignity of every working person, including applicants, but also respect and guarantee their rights to humane conditions of work and enhance their advancement and development,” Tubal said.
The training, which was a four-hour presentation and discussion first delivered to 134 officers and employees, explores all aspects of the new law and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, Tubal explained. The training included discussions on actions punishable under the law, liabilities of individuals and institutions, investigative mechanisms, and preventative measures.
“Creating awareness and training for all employees to understand, prevent and deal with workplace situations is essential for a safe and healthy environment,” Tubal said.
The information will be disseminated throughout the post via webinars and in-person discussions. This effort is a proposed activity for 2022 Women’s Day Celebration mandated by the Civil Service Commission every year as part of the Gender and Development program.
“Consistent with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s ‘Hatid Malasakit (service with compassion)’ campaign, the post office, under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, extends its malasakit (compassion) to postal workers to keep them safe and protected to better serve the Filipino public,” Tubal said.

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