IFS Cloud - International Financial System (IFS)

IFS is the software connected to the UPU payment network for the processing and accounting of PosTransfer payments.

IFS is now delivered solely on the PTC Cloud, which allows for very flexible deployment and minimizes IT costs for the user. Cloud comes with the PTC IT management: platform upgrades, patches and, of course, IFS software upgrades whenever a new version comes out.

IFS is not a complete postal teller system, but it can easily be integrated with an existing front end. In a typical installation, operations at the counter are performed via a third-party system, whereas IFS is used for more complex operations (e.g. management of exceptions) and international accounting. The software also supports domestic payments.

IFS Cloud still uses the former EDI-powered payment network; it is therefore adapted for PosTransfer operators that have not yet transited to the UPU-IP network. In any case, interoperability is guaranteed and a PosTransfer operator equipped with IFS Cloud can exchange with a PosTransfer operator that has integrated with the UPU-IP.

IFS Cloud is therefore the right solution when:

Users need a middleware software: typically, the local system used by the PosTransfer operator cannot (technically) interface directly, or lacks some of the required functionalities to allow direct integration with the UPU-IP;

The PosTransfer operator has been using IFS (local instance, no longer supported by the PTC) and needs some time before switching to a UPU-IP integration.

In 2024, the PTC will be working on the development of a point of sales (POS) system, which will integrate with the UPU-IP. IFS Cloud will become obsolete when the POS becomes available.

Main functionalities

Web interface for operational functions:

  • Purchase – pay – reimburse a postal payment;
  • Generate notification letters or pre-filled postal payment forms, including the delivery of SMS receipts;
  • Request and manage cancellations;
  • Track and trace;
  • Manage customer databases;
  • Manage exceptions (abandonment, reimbursement, expiration);
  • Support cash-on-delivery.


  • Monitor EDI process and import/export process;
  • Define international service (bilateral agreements);
  • Define domestic service (service agreements);
  • Maintain currency exchange rates;
  • Integrate SMS provider for generation of SMS receipts.


  • Generate accounting reports for internal usage;
  • Generate UPU official international accounting documents;
  • Production monitoring;
  • Generate business volume reports (postal payment flows and amounts, credit/debit balance, etc.) globally or individually for each operator on the postal payment service network.

IFS Cloud services and advantages

Availability and security:

  • Private postal cloud hosted in the most robust and high availability datacentre in Switzerland;
  • Secure environment, ISO 27001 certified;
  • Management and data access granted only to PTC employees with the highest security and confidentiality clearance;
  • Cloud services accessible through a highly secure Web portal.


  • Application deployment on demand;
  • Flexibility of testing a different version or configuration of IFS with the pre-production environment.

PTC experience:

  • High availability systems hosting experience (e.g. the POST*Net network);
  • The PTC develops IFS:  PTC software engineers know IFS perfectly and have expertise in monitoring it to prevent fraud attempts.


  • Sharing IFS Cloud will translate into better running costs for all Posts choosing this model with the PTC.


  • All upgrades of IFS (major versions, service packs, hotfixes), transparent to the operator;
  • Regular maintenance tasks, particularly the yearly IFS archiving;
  • Infrastructure update with server hardware upgrades and operating system upgrades, service packs and security patches.

IFS Cloud standard package covered by the default shared server hosting:

  • Shared hardware platform, but dedicated virtual environments;
  • Typical five-year contractual engagement;
  • Standard service level agreement (SLA) applies: 24x5 for first level support, alerts to second level administrators in case of failure outside of office hours;
  • One major version upgrade of IFS per year.

Dedicated hosting on servers dedicated to one operator is possible on request (with tailored costs).

IFS mobile app - optional module

IFS mobile app

Mobile app (for postal staff)
Postal payments management mobile solution.

Android application for secure and reliable international and domestic postal payment operations through IFS.

The IFS mobile app is an Android application for mobile devices that enables designated operators to:

  • Issue new international and domestic postal payments;
  • Perform international and domestic postal payments, including international payments from external partners;
  • Reimburse international and domestic postal payments;
  • Track and trace international and domestic postal payments;
  • Generate daily reports;
  • Produce SMS receipts to send to customers.