PPS eCompendium

The PPS electronic Compendium is a web application hosted by the UPU for designated operators (DOs) to centrally publish information related to their postal payment services (PPS) offer and setup.

The PPS eCompendium publishes information in French and English in a similar form to other UPU compendia, such as the Letter Post or Parcel Post Compendium.

Main functionalities

Consult PPS information from each DO

 For each DO’s compendium, review:

  • General and legal information specific to the country
  • General and legal information concerning the designated operator
  • Operational information on each PPS Agreement service (e.g. cash money orders)
  • IT information
  • Financial information

Keep shared information up to date

DOs have the ability to capture, revise or update the information about their PPS offer and setup. All information will be translated prior to publication.

Facilitated relations

When consulting up-to-date contacts and service descriptions, DOs can easily retrieve information on other operators (DOs), facilitating the establishment of daily contacts, the preparation of bilateral or multilateral relations, and opening up of PPS corridors.

Turnkey system

To use the PPS eCompendium, only an Internet connection is necessary.


The PPS eCompendium is free of charge for members of the Postal Payment Services User Group and is available to all DOs. 

Designated operators can contact PPSUG@upu.int to request a demonstration of, or access to, the PPS eCompendium.