Request for proposals - DOP - Global Monitoring System – Brazil – Development and Technical Implementation

This RFP concerns the provision of consultancy services to support the development and implementation of the Global Monitoring System (“GMS”) at Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos, the designated oper­ator of Brazil (hereinafter “Brazil Post”), in particular for its offices situated in São Paulo/SP, Brazil.

The UPU wishes to contract the provision of specialized consultancy services for the development and tech­nical implementation of the GMS project at Brazil Post, in accordance with the specific knowledge, skill set and experience requirements and associated conditions specified herein.

The deadline for the submission of bids is 21 September 2020 at 16.00 Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Questions and answers

Q1: Section 2.16 of the RFP states that bids must be sent by electronic means only, but we have participated in previous bids for which proposals were submitted as printed hard copies by post. We would like confirmation that, for this bid, proposals should be sent in digital format only via e-mail.

A1: We confirm that bids should be sent in digital format only, as clearly stipulated in section 2.16 of the RFP: 

In the light of the current situation relating to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all bids shall, on an exceptional basis, be submitted electronically to the UPU. For confidentiality and transparency reasons, bids must be sent ONLY to with “RFP-2020-019 – DOP Global Monitoring System – Brazil – Development and Technical Implementation” as subject. Under no circumstances should you copy the TPC Secretariat or any UPU staff member/consultant.

Q2: With regard to business travel, we understand that the UPU will cover/reimburse the cost of taxis, flights and hotel accommodation relating to travel within Brazil. Will there also be an allowance for consultants’ meals during business travel?

A2: Consultants will also receive an allowance for meals during business travel.

Q3: With regard to the budget for business travel (in both Brazil and Switzerland), could you confirm that this is merely an estimation, and that the actual costs are to be presented by the Vendor to the UPU for approval before purchase? We ask this question because we do not intend to add a margin on top of the travel budget, but neither can we afford to incur losses in this regard. Also, we understand that any travel costs are to be invoiced separately from the regular invoice for the provision of technical services. Is this correct?

A3: Yes, your understanding is correct; the budget for business travel is an estimation. The budget for each business trip must be validated by the UPU before travel takes place. An estimated travel budget is requested so as to make provision for a lump sum for business travel in the contract. This budget will be used according to service-related requirements.