Travel Services


The UPU seeks to enter into a contract for the provision of travel services for a maximum duration of four years (2022–2025), subject to a one-year probationary period, with a view to ensuring qualitative travel services and efficient travel management for UPU staff.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 27 September 2021 at 16.00 CEST.


Questions and answers

Question 1

I would like to ask if we can participate in this tender as a hotel or it is applicable for travel agencies only.

Answer 1

Only Travel Agencies can bid

Question 2

Will you send us a non-disclosure agreement to complete and sign?

Answer 2

No need to complete and sign a non-disclosure agreement at this stage.

The documents and information published for the call for tender is public and no other document will be shared

Question 3

The offer must be provided in two languages, French and English or only one of them is sufficient?

Answer 3

Please refer to the Article 2.12 of the RFP - Bidders must submit all tender documents in both English and French.

Question 4

Can the procedures mentioned at the bottom of page 12 be changed?

Answer 4

The information mentioned at the bottom of page 12 is the following “As an international organization, the UPU is exempt from VAT “and it will not change in the near future.

Question 5

The instant plan ( tender ) pertains to officials traveling to / from Pakistan Or any country.

Answer 5

Travel from any country, but mainly from Switzerland.

Question 6

The contact person would be based in Pakistan Or DRH would always be referred to on travel related issues.

Answer 6

Please refer to the “UPU travel procedures” section, as explained in the RFP.

Question 7

Foreign currency is CHF Or it could be US Dollar subsequently. 

Answer 7

The currency will be only in CHF

Question 8

Could the UPU be interested in using an online reservation service?

Answer 8

Not part of requirements of the actual RFP. Could be considered in the future if it will be in the UPU interests: cost effective while reducing the UPU processing time of the travel.

Question 9

Could a travel authorization procedure be of interest to the UPU?

Answer 9

Not for the moment.

Question 10

Please inform if the bidders are expected to work from Switzerland or they can be located in any other country.

Answer 10

Location in Switzerland will be an advantage.

Question 11

Please inform about the estimated contract value

Answer 11

Please refer to the information mentioned in the RFP section 2.5 – Background.

Question 12

Please confirm if the services must be invoiced in CHF or in Euros.

 Answer 12

The services must be invoiced only in CHF.

Question 13

In case of being awarded, should we send the reports both in English and French?

Answer 13

Depending on the type of reports, they may be requested in both languages, otherwise reports in English could be fine.