Consultancy services for the audit of systems and measurement of performance of EMS Cooperative providers


The UPU seeks to engage a supplier to provide consultancy services for the audit of systems and measure­ment of performance of EMS Cooperative providers, and to prepare specific quarterly and annual reports for the EMS Cooperative Audit and Measurement Programme for a period of four years. 

 The objectives are to ensure that EMS Cooperative providers continue to offer excellent quality of service, as well as to maintain the highest security standards with regard to data handling, and produce accurate and well-presented report cards for EMS Cooperative members.

 The deadline for the submission of tenders is 15 August 2022 at 11:00 am CEST.


Questions and answers

Q1: It is not clear if we have to submit a unique document or we need to separate the technical from the financial proposal.?

A1: It doesn’t matter one document or two, you just needs to cover both topics.

Q2: Could you tell us more about what the long-term goals are for UPU?

A2: The UPU is measuring quality of service for designated postal operators worldwide. The role of the contractor will be to conduct audits of the systems and procedures used to produce these measurements in order to verify their veracity.

Q3: Could you explain more about what the exact scope (systems, landscape relevant for the audit) is regarding EMS services? 

a.What is the goal, and scope for the initial audit for 2023 (task 1,2 and 3)? 

The goal is as stated in question 1. The scope for the first audit is a review of processes and systems in place to maintain the database of EDI data.

b.What systems and procedures does UPU wants to analyze specifically for the third audit?

This is a review of the Post*Net network. The review will look at how data is handled and processed within the PTC.

Q4: Could you tell us more about how many service providers are relevant for the audit? 

A4: There is one service providers relevant to the audits.

Q5: Could you give us more information regarding the procedure itself (what if there are any interruption of any report/deliverables, if applicable)?

A5: The reports should be produced according to the schedule agreed between the contractor and the UPU. Should there be a delay in the provision of data necessary to provide reports, a subsequent delay in the final deliverable may be anticipated, however the production time for the final deliverables may not be longer than the agreed standard timeframe for producing that type of report.

Q6: Does UPU has any specific (security) requirements for using own premises, if so, could you tell us more about the requirements?

A6:Premises are expected to be secure insofar as aligns with the UPU’s contract and general terms and conditions. No specific technologies or processes however are required.

Q7: In the documents provided to us, there is a mention of a layout that we would be provided with. 

We yet don't know who our contact person would be and who is providing us with that agreed layout (with the EMS units). And/or communicate when there are any changes?

A7:The contacts will be made clear after the signing of the contract between the UPU and the selected contractor, at which time required templates will also be provided.

Q8: Could you give us more information about, how many EMS operators there are in scope (for the task 3) regarding the annually and quarterly report?

A8: There are roughly 200 EMS operators worldwide.

Q9: Who from UPU is responsible for the measurements of the areas mentioned in task 3? And who is responsible to provide the information to the auditor?

A9: The contacts will be made clear after the signing of the contract between the UPU and the selected contractor.