DPTC -  Licensed access to airline information systems for passenger and cargo flight schedules


The UPU seeks a qualified service provider for licensed access to airline information systems for passenger and cargo flight schedules for a period of four years.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 25 November 2022 at 16.00 CEST.


Questions and answers

Questions and answers from RFP-2022-017-DPTC-Licensed Access to Airline Information System (republication)

1. Is the UPU currently procuring this service from another vendor? If so, can a sample of the output be provided? 

Answer: Yes, we currently subscribe to a service. We periodically open a call for tender for selecting the service from the best possible provider (quality and price). We are flexible for the format for the provision of the information and so prefer not to share an example of what we use at the moment.

 2. What would be the billing location & address?  Could the services be billed/invoiced from the United States and in US Dollars (USD)?

 Answer: Yes, you can invoice us in USD. We are based in Switzerland and this is the location to use for billing us.

 3. Cirium has the capability to deliver schedules data through a variety of means – incl. via an online user interface, a monthly data extract, or through API. Accessing schedules data via API is charged per query. Is UPU willing to accept this billing arrangement?

 Answer: we are open to receive the information through different format and technical means (file transfer, web interface, API, …). In your offer, please list all possible channels with functionalities and costs. For the API in particular, please clarify if that can be used to retrieve all information in bulk, or the selection criterial that the API expects as input parameters.