Study on Post–fintech partnerships to overcome gender inequality in postal financial services


The UPU’s objective in conducting this study is to provide its member countries with an overview of the various roles that fintech companies may play in helping postal operators to design inclusive postal financial services for women and to ascertain how these services are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – especially those focused on gender equity and economic inclusion.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 31 January 2023 at 16.00 CET. 


Questions and answers



Considering the extensive geographical presence of the Universal Postal Union, we would like to understand the geographical scope of the study. Which countries would be covered in the study?

 Being an intergovernmental institution we are interested in the global study that captures the state of the sector. However, considering the practical time and resource limitations, we expect the vendor to propose a methodological approach to ensure a fair selection of countries by geographical and development distribution.

We assume that the study will be based on secondary research. Please confirm the same.

No. We expect primary research and data to be collected from stakeholders (postal, fintech, beneficiary, and ecosystem players) in multiple countries. We do not expect this to be a meta research or synthesis study. We expect the vendor to propose an appropriate methodology. 

Please confirm if the secondary research needs to be supplemented with stakeholder consultations. If yes, please elaborate on the countries of focus. We also assume that the consultations will be virtual in nature.

 Please see responses to Q1 and Q2 above. In short, we expect the vendor to collect primary insights from in country stakeholders. The numbers, category, and location is such to be proposed by the vendor - with an inclusion focus. 

We would like to understand UPU's expectations in terms of the report's dissemination. Does UPU expect the report dissemination to happen physically or in a virtual manner?

Both channels. The UPU will be responsible for the publication process once the final report is accepted from the vendor. This will be a UPU branded final study. 

Though not  specified in the CFT,  has there been  further consideration from UPU about the  specific  criteria  for the  deep dive case study markets?  Specifically  for  countries that would  be visited as part of the research? If not,  are we correct to understand that part of the inception phase will be to  collaborate with UPU and the Financial Inclusion Team  to  identify  the most  practical and  valuable  case studies to be included.

No. Your understanding is correct and deep dives are to be set at the inception phase

I understand that there are annual meetings of members in Bern,  is it intended or practical for our team to attend an annual meeting in the May time  frame  to  be able to  conduct  further  research and  assimilate /validate  findings from the initial research?  Have the dates for the  sessions in May 2023  been set (they are not yet on the website)

If your team is selected, we may consider that option.