Establishment of a postal regulatory database and conduct of a comparative study on regulatory frameworks



This call for tenders concerns the provision of consultancy services to the UPU from July to November 2023 to establish an interactive electronic postal regulatory database and to conduct a comparative study on postal regulatory frameworks in different countries.

 The first aim is to create a database comprising all of the viable data that the International Bureau (IB) collects and collates on a regular basis relating to postal policy and regulation in member countries, in order to facilitate users’ access to that data and increase the usefulness thereof.

 The second aim is to standardize and categorize the regulatory frameworks of member countries into several well-defined models based on multiple criteria (e.g. organizational features of designated operators and regu­lators, scope and funding mechanisms of the universal postal service (UPS), access and service standards), so as to simplify and facilitate analysis of trends and to serve as target models for countries currently in the reform process.

 The existence of such a database and the classification of regulatory frameworks would enable the UPU to increase its capacity to conduct in-house and on-demand research projects on basic postal regulatory issues.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 31 March 2023 at 18.00 CEST.


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