Forum on Postal Regulatory Reform

In view of technological and market changes, the UPU International Bureau devotes its latest Postal Regulatory Forum the Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan and the Postal Reform Guide.


Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 12:00 - 14:30
Online via Zoom

Time: 12.00–14.30 CET (UTC+1)
Format: Online – 
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Interpretation: English, French, Arabic, Russian and Spanish

The aim of the UPU Postal Regulatory Forum is to bring together postal regulatory experts, such as policymakers, regulators, designated operators, academics and practitioners in the field of regulation, to discuss postal modernization and regulatory reform through the Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan (IPDP).
Given the evolving economic, market and regulatory changes in the postal and delivery market, as well as shifting customer, citizen and business expectations, the need to revise and update the current IPDP and Postal Reform Guide (PRG) was recognized by the Council of Administration, which approved a way forward for the review of the existing relevant documents and training materials on this subject to better support the objectives of the postal sector reform agenda.
As part of the next phase of this work, the UPU and the European University Institute (EUI) are co-organizing this Postal Regulatory Forum to review the IPDP and the PRG. The EUI will present the outline of the future IPDP and PRG and share with participants the initial results of the ongoing work. The forum will feature the following speakers:

The European University Institute (EUI) is an intergovernmental organization with its own legal status, established by its founding member states to contribute to cultural and scientific development in the social sciences, as well as  an international university for doctoral and post-doctoral studies, research and policy studies, including on the postal sector and its relevance to the society. The Centre for a Digital Society (CDS), a division of the EUI, has been commissioned to conduct this project on the review of the IPDP and PRG, and develop relevant training modules. Since 2016, the EUI has annually hosted the Postal and Delivery Economics Conference, drawing scholars, regulators, and industry experts from the postal and delivery sectors.

The forum will also provide representatives of the governments, postal regulators and designated operators of UPU member countries, as well as of the restricted unions and other UPU stakeholders, with the opportunity to actively contribute to fleshing out the specific details of the future IPDP and PRG by giving feedback on the initial findings presented or by providing suggestions and ideas for the next phase of the work.

For more information, please refer to the invitation letter and the agenda.
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Background information

The Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan (IPDP) provides UPU member countries with a general strategy for postal sector reform with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, including the government body responsible for setting public policy on postal matters, the regulator, the designated operator, trade unions, and private operators. The IPDP is supported by the PRG, which focuses on the mod­ernization of the postal sector, definition of the scope of the universal service obligation and the associated financing mechanisms, separation of regulatory and business/operational functions, establishment of legal frameworks, and resource mobilization for these projects. It also provides readers with tools and methodologies for evalu­ating and assessing the status of the postal sector in each country.

The IPDP and PRG are key elements in the postal reform toolkit, which are also supported by country-specific initiatives deployed in the context of the IPDP and the UPU regional development plans.