Statement by the Director General of the International Bureau of the UPU on the conflict in Ukraine

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is deeply concerned for the safety of civilians during the escalating conflict in Ukraine, a member country of the UPU.

Ever since its foundation, the UPU, as an intergovernmental organization, has played a fundamental humanitarian role in helping to bring peoples and individuals together, as well as its commitment to maintain international postal exchanges with or between regions afflicted by disputes, disturbances, conflicts or wars. In effect, throughout the years the postal sector has been responsible for delivering personal correspondence, as well as essential goods and services, to millions of prisoners of war, civilian internees and other vulnerable civilians during times of conflict; and this must be safeguarded.
In that regard, the UPU is following closely the developments in Ukraine in the wake of the Russian Federation’s ongoing military actions towards that country, and reiterates the various United Nations General Assembly resolutions.
Moreover, the safe and secure transport of postal items constitutes an imperative principle which is duly enshrined in the Universal Postal Convention. The UPU therefore appeals to all parties to protect Ukraine’s postal workers, their families, and the integrity of the country’s postal infrastructure.
In the light of the above, the UPU continues to monitor the situation on the ground and may confirm that, as of this date, the Ukrainian postal service remains open and ready to serve the public despite a number of disruptions to its regular operations; the Ukrainian Post has opened post offices in 20 regions in order to disburse pensions and other benefits and also dispatch or receive letter-post items and parcels.
The UPU also takes this opportunity to express its appreciation to Latvia, Poland and Slovakia, whose postal services are currently working in cooperation with the Ukrainian Post in order to ensure that international postal exchanges with that country are unhindered by the aforementioned military actions.
As stated above, the UPU remains committed to ensuring uninterrupted postal services in such difficult times, and is ready to assist Ukraine and work with other UPU member countries in order to ensure the continuation of such services, including the delivery of humanitarian and medical supplies to and from Ukraine.
Last but not least, the UPU conveys its solidarity for the postal workers of Ukraine, their families, and all civilians, and hopes for an immediate cessation of the hostilities.