Quality of Service Fund

The Universal Postal Union’s Quality of Service Fund (QSF) is a funding platform for the developing and least advanced countries with the aim of benefiting their designated operators improve the quality of their postal services and contribute to the global postal network. The QSF has been a stable source of funding for postal development around the world. The QSF is UPU’s biggest funding mechanism for projects that have national, regional and global impacts. 



The QSF Board, as the governing body responsible for achieving the objectives of the QSF, have sole and absolute discretion in managing and administering the QSF and the affairs thereof. is the sole governing body of the QSF. The Board consist of 11 UPU member countries "Board Members", including one Chair and one Vice-Chair elected elected by the POC for a renewable three-year term. The QSF Board reports directly to the Postal Operations Council (POC).

Member Countries

For the purpose of QSF terminal dues, Union member countries and territories are classified into five geographical regions: Western Hemisphere, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North Asia, Southern Asia and Oceania and Africa.

International Bureau

The QSF unit within the IB provides guidance to DOs in the preparation of project proposals, which are then submitted to the QSF Board for approval.

Procedures and Operations 

Rules and Procedures

The Rules of Procedures (RoP) set out the legal framework of the QSF, stipulating the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

Projects and Finance

The potential Beneficiary designated operators are responsible for the development of project proposals for QSF funding.


QSF Secretariat conducts various activities including trainings for DOs and QSF National Coordinators to help them formulate, manage and oversee all aspects of projects set up in their countries.