IPS - International Postal System

Client/server mail management application hosted by designated operators

Main functionalities

IPS is a powerful tool that provides:

  • An operational module for processing inbound and outbound international mail,
  • An EDI module that allows designated operators to exchange the latest versions of the UPU-standard EDI messages (item, dispatch and consignment level as well as electronic verification notes),
  • An international accounting module that can:
    • Generate all the UPU accounting forms
    • Perform the validation of accounting forms received from partners
    • Perform the validation of transport invoice


Three optional add-ons provide:

  • IPS Web Tracking: IPS Web Tracking, an internet website which your customers can use to track their mail items
  • IPS Web Client: IPS Web Client, a web application which can be used by designated operators in remote locations where the full client cannot be installed
  • PSD, Portable Scanning Devices: A version of IPS dedicated to portable scanning devices, with a limited set of functionalities